Lydia's Bio

The first half of my life was spent spiraling inward, on a path to understand myself, and discover who I am separate from the expectations of others. Grounded, practical, and down-to-earth by nature, I spent many years involved in organized camping, Those experiences formed the foundation of my spiritual life, sinking my roots deep into the earth.

My professional career spans 30 years in an academic environment and the computer industry as a programmer / analyst, trainer, and consultant. An early degree in Theater Education was my first intentional step to develop and nurture my creative and intuitive aspect. Over the years this effort continued with an immersion in the study of Tarot. In 2010 I received a Masters degree in Creative Studies and Change Leadership, which, in turn, triggered my decision to become a life coach. We are all being asked to give of our selves in a different way, so now I begin to unwind the spiral, moving out from my center and opening myself to new opportunities and adventures.

This combination of earth and spirit, of inner and outer experience, enables me to see the forest and the trees, and to provide support in finding practical solutions to problems while guiding clients gently inward to unmask the underlying beliefs that may be keeping them from achieving their goals. As an introvert I bring a calm, reflective focus to my coaching practice. An explorer by nature, I believe that creating lasting and sustainable change is an inside job.

My coaching specialties include Interactive Guided Imageryˢᵐ, Immunity to Changeᵀᴹ and Creative Problem Solving. These powerful modalities often reveal deep insights in a safe and gentle manner, allowing you to open to new possibilities, let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, and view your situation from a fresh perspective.