Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rousting the Mice

Recently my tremor has expanded into new territory, leaving me with the sensation of a couple of mice running up and down my arm. For the the most part this is not obvious to others and certainly not debilitating... but it is bothersome just the same. Hopeful that the stress-free atmosphere of a week's vacation would help this I was disappointed that the tremor continued unabated.

The other night as I lay in bed it occurred to me to see if imagery might provide some relief. I have a densely populated inner world, filled with various aspects of myself, as well as guides and magical beings. Sorting through the mix of characters that could assist on this it occurred to me that since I'm feeling mice racing around in my arm that I should use a mouse to help, so I called Sebastian to the foreground. He is similar to Reepicheep from Narnia. Sebastian came over, inspected the situation, then began to squeeze my arm gently. Moving upward, he crowded the mice up toward my shoulder... and when they reached the top of my arm those mice jumped ship and squirted right out of my shoulder.

Almost unbelievably, even to me, my arm was immediately still.

It is now three days later and only occasional twitches are present. A 30-second fantasy stilled an arm that had been trembling and shaking for weeks. I guess this should not surprise me since I'm an imagery guide. Yet I confess to being astounded. What else might be possible?