Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The One Thing I Know for Sure

The electronic universe has discovered that I am starting a new business. This has resulted in a plethora of e-mails every day that alert  me to the 5 Secrets of Attracting New Clients, the 3 Things I Must Must Not Do When Using Social Media, and the Sure Fire Way to Double My Income in a Month. They are all geared to assuring my success as an entrepreneur, and they all suggest that if I only do what they tell me that I will, in fact, succeed.

Well, my world is both more simple and more complex. Simple in that there is only one thing I know for sure: If you want to make something happen you need to Show Up and Do the Work. Complex because anyone that is paying attention knows that this can be a very difficult thing to do. Take, for instance, writing this blog. It is clear even to me that writing a blog is a good way to introduce myself to the world of potential life coaching clients. However, this means that I have to come to grips with a few facts of life. As an introvert, the act of writing a blog is all about becoming visible. This puts me on the shifting sands of risky business. The act of public writing forces me to swallow the belief that no one is interested in what I have to say. (Help me overcome this by leaving a comment... please!) Finally, blogging is just one piece of a larger challenge, which is to step out into the world in a new way. There are days when that scares the bejeezus out of me. And yet, to make this happen I need to show up and do the work.

There are so many other things I might be doing, but tonight circumstances have conspired to help me sit down and pound this out. It's raining. Nothing good is on TV. I've made a commitment to an accountability partner to write a blog post this week and next (it is often easier to just do something than it is to explain to someone why you didn't do it). And I have promised myself a reward when I finish this.

What are the things that keep you from taking the next step? Where do you find the support you need to stay focused on your goal? When was the last time you looked your fear in the face and then took the leap? If you are engaged in a process to bring something into being and are moving forward, give yourself a pat on the back and do something nice for yourself. Acknowledge that you have the motivation and fortitude to do this even if it's hard. If you're stuck... Find a way. Show up. Do the work.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wounds, Healing and Inspiration

In the movie Dolphin Tale, the dolphin Winter loses her tail after getting tangled in a crab trap. She is rescued, and healed, by a group of committed and loving people. Successfully fitted with a prosthetic tail, she has become an inspiration to many.

Since seeing the movie, I've been thinking about the link between wounds and inspiration. Losing a tail was a real tragedy and Winter was pretty depressed about it.They thought she might give up and die. But, with the help of people that cared she hung in there and look what happened. There is something about the storyline of tragedy, healing, and sharing that touches us, and this is something Hollywood is very good at delivering. Of course, people suffer grievous wounds every day, recover, and move into the world in ways that are awe-inspiring. This year a double amputee might qualify to run in the 2012 Olympics. Parents dedicate themselves to promoting anti-bullying initiatives after their child has committed suicide. People battle illness and beat the odds.

So now I'm looking at my life and my wounds, and wondering "What can I do? How can I take my personal struggles and triumphs and share them in a way that touches others?" In all of the examples I just gave, the wound is visible and obvious. Not all wounds are. Mine are deep inside, well hidden from view.So what can I do with that? How can the healing be made visible? Today, I have no answers, only questions. Those I can share.