In every moment we are born  anew.
Private Sessions

One-hour private sessions are available on the weekend. The focus of my practice is to support you in expressing your authentic self and acting in your best interest and for your highest good. Whatever aim you have set for yourself, whatever dilemma you are facing, I would be honored to join you on that path. Sessions are normally $75/hour. A sliding scale is available.

As an Interactive Imagery Guideˢᵐ I offer a suite of techniques designed to help you access your inner wisdom and bring what is deep inside to the surface.

Pain Relief: There are several imagery techniques that target chronic pain. 

 Description of Specialties

These powerful modalities often reveal deep insights in a safe and gentle manner, allowing you to open to new possibilities, let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, and view your situation from a fresh perspective.  
Imagery: Imagery is the natural language of our subconscious. It is used extensively in the healing professions, and research attests to its effectiveness. Imagery can evoke desired states of being, from relaxation to a full visualization of something you want to manifest in the world. You can develop imagery to impact your immune system and to address psychological issues, such as grief. It can be a safe and effective way to connect more deeply with difficult feelings, and can also be used to enhance your spirituality. As a certified Interactive Imagery Guideˢᵐ I can support you in making contact with your deep inner wisdom, in the form of a guide or adviser. A powerful component of interactive imagery is the opportunity to enter into a dialog with an image that represents a problem or symptom to understand what it needs and why it is there. 

Immunity to Changeᵀᴹ: While change is ever-present, we often approach change with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. In one extended session it is possible to surface the hidden part of you with its foot firmly on the brake. We can then identify its underlying assumptions and develop a plan to test those assumptions so that you can more comfortably engage with the change process. 

Creative Problem Solving (CPS): CPS is a structured, multi-step process to explore a challenge, generate ideas, and prepare for action. This is ideal for developing proposals for work, as well as opening yourself to a world of possibility if you are feeling closed down.