Lydia was a gentle, wise and steady guide. I felt her comforting presence throughout the experience as she quietly guided me to ever deeper engagement with my imagery. She created a safe space for me to explore the richness of my inner wisdom, always inviting, always open and never pushing me beyond where I wanted to go. I would strongly recommend her as an Interactive Imagery Guide.  Elaine W.

        I will be forever grateful for having found Lydia Pettis.  She listens intently and is very easy to talk to, to confide in, and to trust.  She consistently provided me with an objective view of my situation and always focused our sessions on what was important to me at that moment in time. She helped me get at the roots of what was keeping me from accomplishing my goals and gave me highly effective strategies for setting and accomplishing those goals.  Because of my work with Lydia, I have a new confidence going forward and have been able to deal with unforeseen changes without “losing it” and being thrown off-track, which would have been my normal reaction in the past.  If you feel “stuck” in your life journey and desperately want to become unstuck, I highly recommend Lydia as a life coach.  – Jacklyn Young      

       I believe you have a gift for this type of work and am very grateful to you. I am amazed at how you opened me and helped me see what I really wanted for my self. 
S. A.

       I recently had a session with Lydia using imagery. It was excellent, I went to places in my childhood and saw things that were limiting me and I released them so I can move on to do some things I want to do. Lydia is an excellent coach who listens, who cares, and uses her skills and knowledge to assist you in moving forward. I highly recommend working with her, you will be happy that you did. – Barbara, Ph.D., Ithaca, NY